A belated review of ‘Nine’

Wednesday January 6th 2010

I went to see Nine yesterday afternoon. I would’ve gone earlier but it took me three and a half weeks to find somebody who would agree to come with me.

My earlier mixed feelings were ever-present as my companion and I braved the cold January air and trotted off down the local multiplex. Exchanging £6.70 each for our small paper tickets, we proceeded to enter the auditorium where Nine, the new one from Rob Marshall, awaited.

‘It was quite good.’
Ultra Culture

They can put that on the poster.

>> Danieldaylewis is as charismatic as ever, even if his Giudo Contini isn’t exactly a Daniel Plainview.

>> He’s supported by every major Hollywood actress currently alive (and Judi Dench, who is definitely at least half-conscious).

>> They are almost entirely competent.

>> Apart from Fergie obviously.

>> Rob Marshall has done a good job on this one, it looks sharp as anything.

>> It’ll be interesting to see what he does with Pirates 4, which he’s apparently ‘helming’ now. I’m hoping for at least three chorus lines between all the crap jokes and boring characters.

>> Should it be nominated, Nine definitely won’t be the worst Best Picture nominee.