Does the following amuse you?

Tuesday January 12th 2010

> If you answered ‘Yes’ then 44 Inch Chest is the movie for you.

Sometimes, swearing is brilliant.

Goodfellas, Trainspotting, Withnail & I, Scarface, Sexy Beast: all bonafide swearing classics. All to often however, filmmakers attempt to use swearing as a substitute for any real sense of humour, character development, narrative structure or believable dialogue. And ‘therein,’ as they say, ‘lies the problem’.

While it’s got a few nice touches and a couple of solid performances, 44 Inch Chest is essentially a vastly inferior rehash of Sexy Beast (it’s from the same writers), full of boring monologues, ‘funny’ swearing, uninspiring characters and oh-so-clever dream sequences.

So… make your choice:

What a load of cunting shit.