11 Years and 1 Extra Dimension later…

Saturday January 16th 2010

On the 22nd of this crap old month, Toy Story 2 returns to cinemas for a fortnight in 3D. A couple of days ago I went to see it at London’s glamourous ‘Leicester Square’ and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

It’s predecessor was the first, and remains the best, computer animated feature film ever made – but 2 isn’t far behind. Remaining entirely true to Part 1 and yet establishing itself as a completely independent work, it is almost impossible to fault. I remember when a lot of people were saying it was better than the first one, which is not true, but it’s easy to see where they were coming from.

I don’t normally discuss specific elements of films for fear of spoilering, but if you haven’t seen Toy Story 2 then you have bigger problems than what I do or do not write on this blog. Therefore:

I feel bad even writing that right-hand column.

We’re getting closer and closer to the point where people can accept 3D as a technique that enhances a movie by increasing spatial awareness rather than changing it by adding a cheap gimmick. Toy Story 2 is almost there.

Do you remember Shrek? What a pile of shit.