A few remarks concerning last night’s Golden Globes

Monday January 18th 2010

We were up til all hours last night watching an illegal online stream of the Golden Globes and live-tweeting it, much to the annoyance of 97% of our followers. If you a) missed it and b) care , here is our in-depth rundown on the event:

-> Best Person: Ricky Gervais was a very good host. Even if you’re not into his whole shtick, you have to admit that it’s better than watching Hugh Jackman dance his way through an awards ceremony.

-> Worst Person: Sky had decided to bundle Ash Atalla, Alec Zane and Boyd Hilton into a room and make them talk after every ad break. Aside from providing some very easy ‘If only a bomb…’ joke opportunities, it was a truly shocking piece of televisual crap.

-> Most Just Win: BIG UP to Haneke for fucking shit up and taking home the Foreign globe. His speech was a bit mumbly but I’m sure that was just part of his masterplan to destroy Hollywood from the inside.

-> Most Injust Win: The whole idea of Avatar winning Best Film and Best Director makes me want to cry. It was by far the worst of the 5 nominees. Robert Downey Jr. and Grey Gardens shouldn’t have walked away with anything either.

-> Drunkest Person: Harrison Ford. Runner-up: Jeff Bridges.

-> Well done that man: Macca was good as ever, delivering some top class jokage.

-> Worst Speech: Drew Barrymore rambled so aimlessly that it gave us time to come with this absolutely hilarious tweet.

-> Best Speech: The only thing better than Martin Scorsese’s sincere, dignified and thoroughly coherent acceptance speech was seeing Alec Zane trying to sum it up with the words ‘he loves film and that’.

-> Best Clap: Brendan Fraser doing his patented ‘karate chop clap’. Update: here is the .gif, geneorusly provided by Alex Keegan.