Blu-ray Tues-day

Tuesday January 19th 2010

Apologeez all round – these ‘reviews’ should have gone up yesterday but I was worn out from all the intensive late-night Globe-watching. These are both out now on Blu-ray and (infinitely inferior) DVD.

Film – I still feel as torn about (500) as I did when I reviewed it – Joseph & Zooey are great and it’s often likable, but it’s hard not to fly into a fury when the AWFUL voiceover, irrelevant pop culture references and innumerable ‘quirky dates’ start flying.
Blu-ray – Looks very nice – and the menus! The menus!
Extras – There’s that music video everyone liked, a few crap deleted scenes and something bizarre and quite amazing called a ‘cinemash’ in which Joseph & Zooey act out a scene from Sid & Nancy (it’s got loads of fucking swearing in it!).
Packaging –
Fox have committed the cardinal sin of fucking with the uniformity of Blu-ray: they’ve put one of those pointless-and-yet-impossible-to-throw-away cardboard covers over the case itself. There’s also the obligatory useless ‘Digital Copy’.

THE RED BALLOON (Le Ballon Rouge)
Film – Classic 1956 Palme D’Or winning 34-minute French masterpiece. It’s straight fly and got style to burn.
Blu-ray – Unimpressively static menus but the film itself looks all kinds of dope. Sometimes it gets on a bit of a grainy tip but this only adds to the ‘almost painterly’ beauty of the film.
Extras – Another Palme D’Or winner, White Mane. And a couple of docos that looked a bit intense for my liking.
Packaging –
I haven’t actually got the packaging but from the look of that poor resolution artwork it looks fairly average.