The name of this movie is not Precious

Monday January 25th 2010

Chances are you’re already very familiar with Precious, this year’s little-indie-that-could which has spent most of the last month sweeping through award ceremonies, leaving scores of disgruntled Anna Kendricks in its path. This week it FINALLY makes it to UK cinemas, although you might need a bit of help identifying it on the marquee…

Originally, the movie was called Push, the same title as the novel it was based on. This is a perfectly good title. Unfortunately, that shit Dakota Fanning movie was swanning around at about the same time, so they decided to change it. This is where the madness began. They chose the unnecessarily long title Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. To make matters worse, they’ve decided to have everything misspelled in the film’s title sequence, with the correct spellings in brackets (to reflect the lead character’s illiteracy). And because the BBFC use the on-screen title to determine the name of a movie, the technical UK title of this film is:


Not sure they’ll be using that at your local Odeon though.

20 word review

An incredibly powerful film whose two central performances more than make up for director Lee Daniel’s relentlessly gimmicky visual approach.

10 word review

Looks like a mid-nineties 2Pac video, but with better acting.