Mumble-Update: Cyrus

Sunday January 24th 2010

We’re trying not to write too much Sundance stuff, because it tends to descend into pointless jealous whinging, but one movie that we’re particularly interested in is Cyrus, the mainstream-crossover-attempt from Mumblecore grandaddies the Duplass Brothers.

[If you don’t know about Mumblecore, go home now.]

It premiered at Sundance last night and there’s also a new trailer online:

The exciting thing about Cyrus is that, like Greenberg (a.k.a. Mumblecore Crossover No. 2), it looks as if the Brothers Duplass have just made a Mumblecore movie like any other, except this one has famous people in it.

All those wobbly camera moves and rambly conversations are making me want to catch the next flight to Utah.

Or just wait a couple of months and then pop down the I.C.A.