Meaningless title of the week: Edge of Darkness

Tuesday January 26th 2010

Last night I sat in the best cinema auditorium in London and watched Edge of Darkness, starring Mel Gibson. I don’t like Mel Gibson. Seriously, I really don’t like him. I would say that I dislike Mel Gibson as much as Mel Gibson dislikes women, homosexuals and Jewish people.

And I didn’t like the film much either. It’s a Boston-set crime drama (because there aren’t enough Boston-set crime dramas around at the moment) following a tough cop on a mission to track down his daughter’s killers. There are plenty of tense, even powerful moments, but they’re surrounded by so much talky bullshit, illogical plotting and mumbly dialogue that they quickly lose all meaning. In other words, it’s very obvious that it’s…

Edge of Darkness was adapted from a 1985 BBC miniseries (also directed by Martin Campbell) and although I haven’t seen the original, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that they’ve tried to cram in every little plot detail from the 6-hour version into its 2-hour cousin. Convoluted doesn’t begin to cover it.

State of Play was wicked. This is shit.