Quick Point

Wednesday February 3rd 2010

Time and time again I’ve seen it happen. Some Harry-Knowles-alike arrives at a screening, immediately sits down in the front row and proceeds to put his coat and bag in the seat next to him. There is absolutely no reason to do this: the floor is an equally sufficient place for your fucking messenger bag. The screening soon begins to fill up and the bag stays firmly in place. Before long, couples who are too polite to ask (or understandably assume that the seat is being saved for someone) are being forced to sit apart from one another so that the arrogant fucker in the front row can have somewhere to rest his jacket. Of course if you challenged him on it, he’d say ‘Sorry, I didn’t even realise, let me move my things, no need to make a big deal out of it‘ but fuck that, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

If this sounds like you, you are a 100% certified cunt.

Same goes for people who sit on the outermost seat of a vacant pair of seats on a crowded bus.