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Sunday February 7th 2010

In the past, I’ve made my love of the Odeon West End abundantly clear. Screen 1 is hands-down the best screen in London, and Screen 2 isn’t far behind. And yet, Odeon refuse to show anything remotely good there.

The above photo was taken a few weeks ago, now they’ve moved on to the equally shit trifecta of It’s Complicated, Invictus and Edge of Darkness. Among the films I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of seeing there are Couple’s Retreat, Valentine’s Day, Four Christmases and The Ugly Truth, though I eventually managed to resist The Box.

The worst part is that it’s closing down soon to make way for some crap hotel, so there’s a good chance it may never get a taste of prestige usually reserved for its significantly shitter cousin the Odeon Leicester Square.

Come on Odeon, wha blow?