Designing the Ghost Writer Poster

Tuesday February 9th 2010


From: Summit Entertainment US Marketing
To: Poster Design Team

Hey Guys,

We’ve just seen the French poster and we’re mostly happy with it, but there are a few changes we’d like to make before we introduce it in the States. First off, the whole thing is FAR too Cerulean. Can you please make it about 85% more Teal?

As for the text, we want to minimise references to Polanski – the whole child rape thing is still a bit of a sore spot over here. And who is ‘Tom Wilkinson’? Get rid of all those boring names at the bottom.

On the whole, Ewan is looking quite good, but obviously there are certain things that won’t make sense to an American audience. For a start, the buttons on that coat should DEFINITELY be on the right side, not the left. And his expression is too angry, can we change it so that he looks like about to have a stroke instead? Finally, his hair is soooo 2006, you need to make it a touch more RPatz.

Other than that, just make Pierce’s head smaller and get rid of the rain.

Thanks guys, can’t wait to see what you come up with.