Daily Star watch the Kick-Ass trailer, pretend it’s newsworthy

Monday February 8th 2010

A man named Simon Underwood (@sifr2) sent us a link on Twitter yesterday to this Daily Star article, titled ‘OUTRAGE OVER JANE GOLDMAN SWEARY FILM’. I thought I’d take a quick look at it here:

Screenwriter Jane Goldman’s movie Kick-Ass, starring Nicolas Cage, has already been panned over its profanity-spattered dialogue two months before its release.

Obscenity-heavy footage from the movie was shown at Comic-Con six months ago, so there’s nothing new about this story. Equally, the word ‘panned’ implies a critical response, not the objections of certain traditionalist family groups.

[Chloe Moretz’s] exact line of dialogue in the comedy drama about a group of schoolchildren who imagine they are superheroes is: “OK, you c**t. Let’s see what you can do now.”

If you’re going to use the word ‘exact’ then you might as well get it right: the actual line is “OK, you c**ts. Let’s see what you can do now.”

One internet blogger who saw the offending clip said: “I’m amazed Nic Cage would want to be associated with a movie in which a kid is using the foulest word imaginable. It’s supposed to be a fun film but it’ll be interesting to see whether censors around the world believe it is fit for children to watch.”

What’s more interesting is that this unnamed source (and his conveniently corroboratory quote) is almost impossible to trace online. He also doesn’t seem particularly familiar with the work of Nic Cage, who himself repeatedly screams ‘cunt’ at a pair of elderly women in Werner Herzog’s upcoming Bad Lieutenant.

The main problem with this quote is of course that it implies that the producers are eager for the film to be seen by children. This is not a kids film. In Canada, the one country in which it has been rated, it got an 18A certificate. In the states it’s destined for an R, while over here it’s probably going to end up with an 18.

So it won’t be interesting to see ‘whether censors around the world believe it is fit for children to watch’. It’s a foregone conclusion.

Los Angeles media analyst Mike Raia said: “One of the joint production companies involved is Plan B, which is owned by Brad Pitt. I wonder if he and Angelina Jolie would want their own young children to hear kids cussing in Kick-Ass.”

More idiotic conjecture here from ‘Los Angeles media analyst’ (read: person with an IMDb Pro account) Mike Raia. Sure, Pitt and Jolie probably wouldn’t show their young children Kick-Ass, just like they wouldn’t show them Inglourious Basterds or Wanted.

Protests about the film’s profanities have already erupted Down Under, where Australian Family Association spokesman John Morrisey declared: “The language is offensive and the values inappropriate – without the saving grace of the bloodless victory of traditional superheroes.”

This quote is lifted from the film’s Wikipedia entry (quality journalism there then), and focuses on how terribly ‘un-family’ the whole thing is. Of course, saying that swear words and inappropriate values would be ‘saved’ if only there was no violence in the film is a completely arbitrary judgement. I could just as soon say that the swearing, values and violence present in the movie are all OK because it doesn’t contain any instructional scenes of heroin use.

Mr Morrisey added that he wants the movie makers to clean up Kick-Ass before it goes on general release. But he warned: “My big fear is that the more we protest, the more attention we’ll draw to it.”

It might be a good idea not to talk to the Daily Star then, you cunt.