Screening Report: The Crazies

Wednesday February 17th 2010

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the amount of money a distributor spends on screening a film to critics is inversely proportional to the artistic merit of said film. In other words, free shit = bad movie.

So things didn’t look good when we arrived at the Vue West End for a screening of The Crazies. We were greeted at the door by a team of ‘doctors’ in full hazmat gear who ‘took our temperature’ and assigned us these wristbands:

This was followed by an open bar and a lot of free popcorn. And half a dozen more hazmat chaps walking around with plastic rifles (see top photo). After five minutes of milling about trying to discreetly take photos, we went and sat down in the quite-good screen in the basement and were each treated to a bottle of…

Seriously, what the fuck is it with Vitamin Water? I’ve lost count of the number of bottles (and crates) that I’ve been given on the street / in an office / through the post and I’ve still never been even 2% tempted to actually exchange money for one. They’re rubbish.

Another ‘doctor’ came down to introduce the film (complete with some humourous ‘you are being contained here for your own safety’ schtick) and gave a special prize to a man who had wristband no. 73. We didn’t see what the prize was.

We can’t talk about the film itself because it’s embargoed until its release on the 26th of February. It’s almost as if they assume that the reviews are going to be terrible and don’t want them to get out in time for people to decide against seeing the film.