The Screening Report: Green Zone

Tuesday February 23rd 2010

I know how much you all love it when I rant about cinema auditoriums, but I’m afraid I can’t let this go unsaid. Screen 4 at the Empire Leicester Square is comfortably one of the worst screens I’ve ever sat in.

Apparently it was only built a couple of years ago, and they honestly shouldn’t have bothered. It’s like they’ve converted a corridor into a cinema: the room is so long and thin that the seats are all insanely close to each other and the screen. I was sat in the second-to-back row and I could just about see the whole picture, so the front row must’ve been lucky to get two ninths of Matt Damon’s face within their sight lines.

And it’s got those unbelievably crap seats that all the Empire screens have.

Here’s a quick ‘sketch’:

I can’t tell you about the movie itself because it’s embargoed until March 8th, but thank god it’s loud because the man next to me was breathing like a fucking Dyson.