Out of embargo: Kick-Ass

Monday March 15th 2010

The reviews embargo on Kick-Ass was officially lifted on the 13th but according to our stats no-one reads Ultra Culture on Saturdays so we decided to delay our review until today. Deal with it.

Here’s what you already know:

  • You’ve seen several of the film’s funniest moments, because some idiot decided to put them in the gazillion fucking trailers they’ve released so far. This includes the film’s twist opening, which is now nothing like a twist because everybody’s already seen it.
  • It’s directed by Matthew Vaughn, produced by Brad Pitt, written by Jonathan Ross’ wife and stars John Lennon.
  • There was a very small uproar about some of its content.

Here’s what you don’t already know:

  • It’s pretty much great and contains some incredibly amazing action and comedy sequences, but is let down by the inability of its many subplots and character stories to properly coalesce.
  • The cast are wicked, particularly Aaron Johnson (who’s better suited to this sort of thing than Nowhere Boy) and Chloe Moretz.
  • The voiceover is both unnecessary and annoying.