Criticwatch: Alan Frank

Monday March 1st 2010

Alan Frank (no photo available) has been a resident film critic at the Daily Star for over 20 years. He is also a BFI governor and has written more than fifteen books on cinema.

His reviews aren’t so much reviews as three-paragraph plot synopses with a couple of laudatory adjectives and a ’10/10′ stuck on the end, which might explain why he’s invariably quoted on a lot of posters. Make of that what you will.

He likes to use the word ‘entertaining’ to justify his positive reviews of terrible movies, and occasionally slips in the word ‘pallid’ if he’s exercising his critical muscles (i.e. knocking a score down to an 8/10).

Here’s a brief selection of his work:

The Lovely Bones – ‘an unmissable film, sure to be one of 2010’s finest’
Lesbian Vampire Killers – ‘works perfectly’
Space Chimps – ‘cracking’
The Boat That Rocked – ‘terrific’
The Heartbreak Kid – ‘a comic treat’
Spider-man 3 – ‘truly outstanding’

Transporter 3 – ‘magnificent’
What Happens in Vegas – ‘very entertaining’
Angels & Demons – ‘immensely entertaining’
Yes Man – ‘immensely entertaining’

It’s good to see that even the Daily Star themselves aren’t quite sure whether Frank’s articles qualify as movie reviews: