Insider Report: Watchmen Boat Ride a Total Bust

Thursday March 5th 2009

One of our loyal readers was at that big Watchmen party on the Thames last night. She sent us this exclusive report and her findings are to say the least, DAMNING:

‘Hi Charlie, regular reader Bunty Hoven here…

This evening I was lucky enough to find my way onto the official Paramount PR pArTy boat (in actual fact the M V Golden Jubilie ‘Capital Pleasure Boat) for tonight’s Dr Manhattan Thames extravaganza. And wow wee- what a sight to behold- just as your artist’s interpretation had foretold!

I’ve attached here a link to an ‘Exclusive’ – ‘never before seen’ photograph taken live and direct from the official party boat – now to truly take in the awe of the event I need you to imagine yourself approaching this 10.7ft spectacle on a party boat travelling at 3 mph with ‘ride of the valkyriye’ blaring on repeat from on board speakers- and then imagine (if you can) circling round it for a good hour or so.

It was amazing! and as you mention- for once I am so proud to see such a spectacular take place on British soil- let us never again think we like to do things by halves!’

Let’s have a look then.

Here it is again.

Once more.

Yeah, that’s a disgrace.