Five Killers: 3 Months On

Thursday March 4th 2010

You know the drill by now. Back in December I challenged myself to pick an upcoming movie at random and attempt to find out absolutely nothing about it until I sit down in the cinema to watch it. I chose the movie Five Killers.

January and February came and went and still I’d heard nothing.

But this month it all went to shit. The first trailer was released and I accidentally caught sight of some details while reading First Showing and /Film. Here’s what I now know:

  • The movie’s title has been shortened to simply Killers. It is unclear whether there are now more or less than five of them.
  • It’s directed by Robert Luketic, of 21, The Ugly Truth, Monster in Law and Legally Blonde previously.
  • It stars Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher.

I also saw this still from the trailer:

Three months to go, it’s not looking good.