Shutter Island

Thursday March 11th 2010

It’s taken me a few days to get around to writing this review, if you can call it a review, because I’m still not quite sure what I think of Shutter Island. This is partly because I saw it the day after the Oscars and could barely stay awake through the screening and partly because it’s a weird one.

Shutter… isn’t your standard post-millennial Scorsese movie. For one thing, it takes place over the course of 2 days rather than 50 years, and rather than another riff on corruption, power and other familiar thematic material, it’s a 50s B-movie throwback full of complex psychology and breathtaking meez-on-seen.

It’s basically the movie Shyamalan wanted to make before he went and made The Happening.

Leo is as super-humanly watchable as ever, The Ruffalo holds his own as the reliable sidekick and all 138 minutes of this massive genre explosion will inevitably have even the ponciest critic worshipping the ground that Martin Scorsese walks on, even if they end up renouncing the whole thing later.

So I’m pretty sure it’s genius.

But I will need to double check.