What you lot think are the best movies ever

Saturday March 13th 2010

A few days ago, we asked you to name a movie better than Toy Story, in an effort to win both Toy Story movies on Blu-ray.

We had a lot of wacky, obscure and hilarious answers but what the majority of you failed to do was be painfully, painfully obvious.

As such, top marks go to Nick Baker and Martin Urschel, who were the only two people (out of almost 300 entries) to choose The GodfatherNeil Alcock also won for suggesting Vertigo, and the final pair of Blus went to Neil Martin, who sensibly appealed to my love of Blue Velvet.

Fun Facts: The most popular choice was Up (possibly because people thought they ought to choose another Pixar movie) followed by Wall-E, The Godfather Part II and Back To The Future. At least one person on the planet thinks Howl’s Moving Castle is the best movie ever made.