A few loose ends

Monday March 15th 2010

1234 (in cinemas)
I mentioned struggling-indie-film-about-struggling-indie-band 1234 about a dozen times last week but I’m starting to regret it because now I’ve seen it and it’s rubbish.

1234 is a movie that mistakes blandness for subtlety and mumbling for mumblecore. In the words of our competition winner, ‘I refuse to comment on the quality of the film seeing as you gave me the tickets’.

I’m not one to go against the herd. According to my Rotten Tomatoes critic page, I agree with the Tomatometer 69% of the time. But I will not be agreeing with the Tomatometer on Zombieland, which has accrued a massively positive 89% since its release last year.

Remember when you watched Adventureland and thought it was perfect except for that cringy running joke about ‘giant ass pandas’? Well imagine that joke stretched out to feature length and you’ve got Zombieland.

Finally, something I can be positive about. We’ve made our love of The White Ribbon very clear in the past, and the arrival of the film on Blu-ray (and some other format no-one cares about any more) only serves as a reminder that Haneke was absolutely, categorically robbed at the Oscars by that Argentinean film which I haven’t seen but couldn’t possibly be as good as Twibbon.

The. Transfer. Is. A. Sight. To. Behold.