Screening Report: Friday the 13th

Thursday February 12th 2009

So I went to see Friday the 13th last night. What follows is ‘the coverage’…

  1. We got there very early because there was unusually little traffic coming up Sloane Street.
  2. We went to Pret A Manger to pass the time. Because we’re ponces.
  3. The movie starts with all the studio logos in red. Like blood I suppose.
  4. People are penetrated by sharp instruments in several places but nowhere that’s really pushing the envelope, like the ear lobes or the skin between the toes.
  5. As for nudity, let’s just say that those two guys above aren’t the only pair of tits in the movie.
  6. I thought of that joke on the way home.
  7. At one point, a character who had dropped his gun in a lake and was scrabbling about for it said ‘Where are you, gun?’ and there was a wave of Ironic Film Critic Laughter.
  8. It was a very good length, just a bit over 90 minutes.
  9. It’s got that guy who plays ‘the friend’ in Disturbia and ‘the friend’ in Nick and Norah in it.
  10. They didn’t show the Inglourious Basterds trailer in the end, but it is up on Apple now so you can have a look at it there in glourious HD. You should, it’s watch-twice good.