Movies to Fall Asleep To: Il Divo

Friday January 23rd 2009

First off, I’d like to offer a sincere congratulations to whoever wrote the ‘Critical Reception’ segment of this film’s Wikipedia entry. It offers a level of grammatical accuracy that most of us can only dream of to be having attained with:

Critical Reception
One of the first reviews is made by Peter Brunette for The Hollywood Reporter where he praises the movie, pointing out the capacity of entertaining, the brilliant acting and the quality of the soundtrack. He is also afflicted by the fact that probably the movie will not have a great success outside Italy. The same elements emerge from the review of Jay Weissberg from Variety, who define the movie a masterpiece that will become a comparison stone for the years to come.

As if we could ever hope to better that, here is a ‘review’ of Il Divo:

The first five minutes is literally one of the most perfect openings of all time but then it gets very complicated and talky and to be honest I fell asleep for about 30/40 minutes in the middle.
‘A wasted opportunity’ – Ultra Culture

Its out on the 20th March and I’d show you a trailer but all of the ones on Youtube are in ‘foreign’.