Thursday March 18th 2010

Last night I watched The House of the Devil, the indie horror movie that all the cool kids have been talking about recently.

Made with an incredible degree of authenticity in the style of early-80s haunted house movies, House of the Devil has all the Walkmans, grainy cinematography and retro promotional material you’d expect from a horror throwback, but mercifully lacks the knowing irony so abundant in recent retro fare. Instead, we get a subtle, suspenseful and always reverential ode to the way ‘they used to do it’.

Still not convinced? Hear this:

It’s also got Greta Fucking Gerwig in it.

(Incidentally, I love Greta Gerwig so much that I’m almost tempted to resurrect a certain unused tab at the top of this column.)

Starring alongside the Mumblequeen are spot-on newcomer Jocelin Donahue and also that guy from the thing, you know the one… the one in the thing with whatshisname, no not him, the other one… yeah him.

In short, The House of the Devil is a brilliant little film, and it’s hard to imagine horror getting any better in 2010.


Cinema: It’s getting an exclusive release from this Friday at the Apollo Piccadilly Circus, which is bad news for all you non-London readers but good news for fans of half-decent Central London cinemas.

DVD/Blu-ray/Download: Amazon seem to be suggesting that it came out on March 15th but other sources say its not due til the 29th so I don’t know what to believe. Either way, it’s worth picking up on Blu – the grain looks a treat!

Last word: We are going to put this on our Best of 2010 when we get a spare moment.