Exploitation Spoofs are SO Last Year

Sunday March 15th 2009

You should have seen Jonathan Ross trying to praise this film when he had James Corden on his show the other week. I think in the end he went for ‘I laughed a lot’ or something. They’ll probably put that on the poster.

Its sort of pointless trying to describe how shit this film is because whatever I say, I’m just not ‘getting the irony’ of it all. If I say that it’s badly acted, it’s supposed to be badly acted. If I say that it’s badly written and directed, it’s supposed to be badly written and directed. If I say that it’s not even successful as a spoof of the exploitation genre and in fact it’s so bad that it stands a good chance of being The Worst British Film Of The Year, then I’m just not getting into the spirit of it.

If there’s one fault that they can’t possibly disprove it’s the RIDICULOUS angle on James Corden’s arm in that poster. Just look at it, it’s a disgrace.