The Ghost

Tuesday March 23rd 2010

Oscar-winning rapist Roman Polanski returns to our screens next month with The Ghost, renamed from its American title The Ghost Writer (although rename here means ‘stick an ill-fitting title card at the start and fail to remove the original title from the beginning of the end credits’).

It’s a political thriller about (surprise surprise) a ghost writer hired to work on the memoirs of a former British prime minister, played as an impersonation of Tony Blair by Pierce Brosnan. The reviews have been pretty positive so far but fuck knows why because it’s average at best.

Polanski does a good job at keeping things tense, but comparisons with Hitchcock are overly flattering, and while the unconvincing green screen work and ridiculously anachronistic London scenes (a city characterised by a single street full of Routemaster buses) can probably be explained away as neo-noir stylistic flourishes, Ewan McGregor’s bizarrely bad English accent is harder to defend.

Add to that some very predictable twists and the obligatory ‘Investigative Google Search’ scene and you’ve definitely got ONE TO MISS.

Note to the filmmakers: Putting product placement for Office Depot on the side of a London bus doesn’t make much sense given that Office Depot don’t have any stores in London.