Ultra Culture Cinema: The Bad Lieutenant

Thursday April 8th 2010

On May 5th 2010, London’s criminally undervalued ICA threw open its doors for the first ever Ultra Culture Cinema night. The film was Werner Herzog’s The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans and we couldn’t have imagined a better choice for our debut.

We’d been setting up since about 4pm and the majority of the ICA patrons we’d seen so far had required walking aids, so it was a relief when a sold out crowd of 185 young, trendy and unbelievably attractive movie fans rolled into the joint about quarter to eight.

They looked mildly amused by our excessive use of signage, and a few even joined in with our pre-show activities while the rest went in and opened their goodie-laden welcome packs.

I did a brief (not as brief as I’d planned) introduction and then we gave away a load of amazing shit courtesy of ICA, Lionsgate and Revolver. The occupants of row P were thrilled to be getting free Coca Cola until they realised that row B were getting beer.

A brief video introduction from our surprise guest followed, and then it was on to the film. Unfortunately, the combined powers of Cage and Herzog were so great that a large percentage of the audience felt compelled to break our eighth rule and clap at the end. We’ll let them off, this time…

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Big thanks to David Cox, Tejinder Jouhal, Anthony Ing, Katy Dillon, Joe Venning, Lionsgate and Revolver for helping to make the night such a success.
Photos: Alex F. Webb.