That Banksy Movie

Wednesday March 24th 2010

After weeks of putting it off, I finally stumped up £8 and went to see Exit Through The Gift Shop the other day. And I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised.

Although billed as ‘a Banksy film’, rumour has it that another director stepped in for the majority of the filming. Fingers have pointed at Spike Jonze, although fuck knows where he would have found the time over the last few years.

Either way, the film is by no means the indulgent anarchy-fest promised by its trailer. Instead, Exit Through The Gift Shop takes the story of an aspiring filmmaker-turned-street-artist (at least partially fictional, although brilliantly plausible) and uses it as a springboard for an astute character study, an affectionate history of street art itself and a dead-on satire of the contemporary art market.

Suck on that, Beautiful Losers.

(It’s also one of three movies to enter our Best of 2010 list today.)