Paranormal Activities

Thursday March 25th 2010

I spent most of last year going on and on about Paranormal Activity, the indie horror ‘sensation’ that was made for a fiver and went on to gross over seven hundred billion dollars worldwide. It was released on Blu-ray (and ‘Digital Versatile Disc’) on Monday so I thought I’d take a second look just to make sure it’s brilliant.


Film: PA is just as unsettlingly plausible and plausibly unsettling on Blu as it was in the cinema.
Blu-ray: Looks as good as its ever going to look.
Bonus: For once, I’d quite like to have seen a Behind the Scenes doc, but at least the special features include one (but unfortunately not both) of the much-rumoured alternate endings.

The reason this review is three days late is that I agreed to organise a ‘group viewing’ to tie in with the film’s tagline ‘Don’t Watch it Alone’. I thought I’d even set up a camera and record our reactions. In the end only one person was available, so here’s a 15 second video of a particularly jittery friend of mine watching Paranormal Activity:

How’s that for dynamic video content?