A reissue

Monday March 29th 2010

Hitchcock wasn’t standing for your ‘we’ve only missed five minutes’ bullshit.

Fifty years have come and gone since the release of Psycho (‘it seems like only yesterday’) so the BFI have decided to do a cheeky digital re-issue, along with a programme of movies that influenced or were influenced by Hitchcock’s seminal slasher.

You don’t need me to review Psycho for you.

That said, the digital transfer looks great so if you’ve got a good digital screen nearby, you’d be some sort of idiotic cunt not to go along and check it out.

Also: The BFI programme is unexpectedly diverse, fitting in the campy 1983 sequel and Gus Van Sant’s underrated remake alongside more worthy choices like M and L’Avventura. Worth a look.