Screening Report: Monsters Vs Aliens

Thursday March 19th 2009

WARNING: Reviews of Monsters vs. Aliens are embargoed until March 21st. This post contains no indication of the film’s quality or merit.

I woke up very early (before 9:00) last Sunday to attend a screening of Monsters vs. Aliens, the upcoming animated thing from Dreamworks. I was supposed to be going with someone but they called me up at ten past nine and told me they were ‘too tired’ to come. I have shut them out of my life now.

Anyway, their loss because it was ‘a fun screening’. They had this guy at the door:

I wanted a photo of me with him but I was too embarressed. Instead, I went upstairs and took a seat next to 300 under-5s and their tired journalist parents. I was feeling a little tired myself but what I found in the drinks holder of my seat quickly woke me up…

They’re 3D glasses if you can’t tell. Amazing. All screenings should be in 3D, whether or not the films themselves feature a third dimension.


I did get one last souvenir to make my no-show ‘friend’ feel jealous:

Incidentally, that video looks much more impressive in reverse: