Some adverts which should fuck off

Friday April 2nd 2010

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock for the past few months, you’ll be familiar with The Industry Trust’s recent You Make The Movies campaign. After years of derision for reactionary you-wouldn’t-steal-a-television style ads, they’ve decided to switch it around and ‘thank’ those who don’t get involved with piracy with a series of ads featuring ‘ordinary British folk’ humourously re-enacting scenes from classic Hollywood movies.

Unfortunately, they’re so unbearable awful that I’ve decided to stop going to the cinema and download movies illegally instead. Even a six-figure piracy fine has got to be better than watching this for the eight-hundredth time:

Often it’s not even clear where the humour is supposed to be coming from…

… while the online ads are completely unrelated and (if possible) even more arbitrary:

WHAT!?! Who the fuck came up with that?!

I have to go now, all this blogging is slowing down my Avatar torrent.