Christopher Tookey’s Kick-Ass

Saturday April 3rd 2010

We’ve mentioned the Daily Mail’s resident film critic Christopher Tookey in the past, but this weekend he’s really outdone himself. All three of his reviews (for Remember Me, Clash of the Titans and Kick-Ass) have come in at 1/5 stars.

His take on Kick-Ass is predictably furious but also remarkably creepy, complete with the promise that…

Paedophiles are going to adore [Chloe Moretz].


There’s also a lot of stuff about South American child gangs and British teen pregnancy rates all of which which seems to have accidentally made its way into a ‘movie review’.

Most interesting, however, are Tookey’s many explanations of how he would have made Kick-Ass:

A worthwhile satire on comic-book culture might criticise the idiotic way it uses sadism and voyeurism to entertain, with no thought of the social consequences.

It would also lampoon the risible pretentiousness of many so-called graphic novels.

… it might satirise the era where talentless nonentities can become celebrities.

What a fucking downer that would be.