So that’s where all the wild things were

Wednesday March 18th 2009

After an infinity of waiting, all the good news has come at once…

BOOM! Where the Wild Things Are poster!

And as if that weren’t enough…

SMASH! Where the Wild Things Are trailer!

Crap blog (not crap enough to stop us stealing their news) reported the other day that, according to ‘an insider source’, the first trailer for WTWTA would go out in front of Monsters vs Aliens. Whether this will be the case in the UK or not remains to be seen, although considering that MVA is out in the states a week before it is here, the Wild Things trailer will probably show up on the internet before then anyway.

Here’s what their ‘source’ had to say:

Not a teaser, full 3-min trailer, scored to ‘Wake Up’ by Arcade Fire (it fits beautifully)… Try as I might, I can’t verbalize how I felt about the trailer beyond the most grandiose superlatives: ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’ and ‘breathtaking’… The environments in particular (there’s a sequence of cutting between 4 shots of Max running through different environments that is absolutely magical) are a work of incredible vision, especially in light of the production methods Spike opted for.

Extra marks for referring to Spike Jonze on first name terms.

Here is a small space for you to imagine the trailer:


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And finally…

KABLAMMO! Where the Wild Things Are release date!

16 October 2009 in the US.
11 December 2009 in the UK.

Not fair.