Indie Pick: Afterschool

Tuesday April 6th 2010

Easter’s officially over and it’s time you started watching some painfully worthy films again.

Afterschool, which we’ve been talking about for years but has only recently wombled it’s way into the UK, is definitely deserving of your time.

It’s yet another US indie ‘hit’ set in an oppressive school system, but a roster of great performances including newcomer Ezra Miller (soon to be Kevin in We Need To Talk About Kevin) and a pre-Serious-Man Michael Stuhlbarg help to set this one apart from the dozen Elephant-wannabes that pop up every few months.

It’s also one of the first ‘YouTube Generation’ movies that’s neither superficial (Never Back Down) nor patronising (12000km from here).

For some fucking mental reason there’s no Blu-ray to speak of, but you can probably find the DVD for under a tenner if you’re in the mood for some arty fun.

But don’t take my word for it: