Help Us Out!

Monday April 12th 2010

The way I see it, there are two ways the debut Ultra Culture Cinema event on the 5th of May could go. Either we’ll get 200 Ultra Culture readers who are up for all the exciting activities and bonus nonsense we have planned, or 75% of the audience will be ICA members who have no idea what’s going on and just want to see a movie two weeks before it comes out. Here’s how you can help us make it the former:

Buy tickets early
A bulletin has already been sent to ICA members telling them about the event and previews tend to sell out quickly, so if you want to come you might not be able to buy tickets at the last minute.

How to buy
The special £8 Ultra Culture reader rate is still available on phone bookings (call 020 7930 3647) while online booking is now available at the regular price of £10.
Get your coolest friends there
It’s scientifically proven that everything is more fun in groups.
Join the Facebook ‘event page’
I know our Facebook presence has been slightly underwhelming in the past, but we’re going to put the effort in for this. Join the page here.
Give us your ideas
People are asking what the ‘extra nonsense’ we keep referencing will be. To be honest, we’ve only worked about half of it out, so if you’ve got any great ideas for activities, events, features or performances then get in touch. For example…
Maybe you’re in a band
and could play Xzibit covers before the movies begins.
Get in touch.

Maybe you’re an artist
and could create some kind of amazing poster for the night. Get in touch.

Maybe you’re a journalist and/or blogger
and could write a big gushy feature on the night for a popular London-based mag/blog. I’m happy to answer your questions. Get in touch.
Finally, get on Twitter and tweet the fuck out of this bitch. Don’t forget to direct it @ultraculture. This works even better if you’re Ashton Kutcher.