Tyler Perry’s Crap Posters

Monday March 23rd 2009

If you’re reading this in the UK, there’s a good chance you’re lucky enough not to have heard of Tyler Perry. He’s not really that famous here. But you will know him soon enough, because every time one of his movies ends up in 4 and a half London cinemas they stick these all over the posters:

Did I mention that I’m talking about Tyler Perry and not François fucking Truffaut?

Tyler Perry is a writer/director/actor/producer. That doesn’t mean that he’s good at any of those things, but he has participated in them for better or worse. He started out in ‘the theatre’ which is probably why he’s been able to get away with that name prefix for the past five years.

His films are crap but it doesn’t really matter because he’s got the monopoly on creating beautiful, original teaser posters and then churning any old Bangkok Dangerous style shit for the final design.

Compare the teaser on the left with the final poster on the right: