See Dogtooth this weekend

Friday April 23rd 2010

1. Our fifth favourite movie of the year is out today.

2. If we saw it again we might move it up to fourth.

3. It’s at least a dozen times better than Date Night or Extract.

4. Our original review (and the film’s amazingly arty poster) is here.

5. Ages ago we e-mailed the distributor asking if we could get some copies of the poster to give away and they said ‘Yes, you probably can’ and we said ‘Oh, cool’ and then they said ‘We’ll be in touch’ and then they must have forgotten and we forgot and we’ve just remembered and now it’s too late to follow it up really so anyway cut a long story short we haven’t got any copies of the poster for you and you’ll just have to try and peel them off the walls of the Tube instead.

6. In London, it’s on at Odeon Covent Garden, Gate Notting Hill, Ritzy Brixton and Curzon Renoir. All good cinemas.

7. Outside of London, you’ll have to check for yourselves.

8. Have a nice weekend.