Music Video: M.I.A’s ‘Born Free’

Tuesday April 27th 2010

I know this is supposed to be a movie blog and everything and some people already got annoyed when mentioned the Telephone video a while back, but Romain Gavras’ new music video (sort of) for M.I.A’s comeback single Born Free is better than most films anyway. It’s also NSFW unless you work somewhere really cool.

If you’re not clued in on Gavras, he’s the genius Frenchman behind Jus†ice’s Stress, DJ Medhi’s Signatune, The Last Shadow Puppets’ The Age of the Understatement and a variety of other excitable things.

Give it 18 months and he’ll be doing features. And when I say features, I don’t just mean mildly irritating Jus†ice tour videos.

In other news: