Killers: Five Months On

Monday May 3rd 2010

It’s been five months since I made my pledge to go half a year without finding out a single thing about Killers (then called Five Killers).

See earlier: December / January / February / March / April.

This month, the whole thing has gone to shit:

1. I was ‘down the pub’ a few weeks ago and two of the people I was with were whispering to each other. It turned out (I’m not shitting you) they were talking in hushed tones about Killers.

2. The good people at Apple also can’t seem to get enough Killers action:

(That poster still isn’t inspiring confidence.)

3. Hey U Guys are doing their bit too:

4. First Showing even tweeted a picture of a Killers-promoting napkin, which I have to admit I hadn’t been expecting:

5. About two weeks ago I was forwarded this e-mail from one publicist to another:

6. I later had a conversation with the aforementioned publicist who agreed not to e-mail me about the film.

7. Then they sent me this anyway:

So now I know it’s got Tom Selleck in it.

8. The same e-mail informed me that the release date had been moved back a couple of weeks to June 18th.

One month to go: I probably know more about Killers than you do.