Just a few links

Tuesday May 4th 2010

While we’re running around organising stuff for tomorrow (does anyone know where we can get 2A0 paper in Central London?) we’ve got a bit less time to write about nonsense today. Here are a few exciting links to tide you over:

Harrison Ford loves his family, his wife and his children, in that order.

When ISN’T Brendan Fraser struggling to cope with modern society?

Spielberg is making a movie of that book that was made into that play.

Mr. Oizo’s Rubber trailer wouldn’t be so exciting if it wasn’t Mr. Oizo.

Sadly, the same goes for Anton Corbijn’s trailer for The American.

Secret JJ Abrams trailer promises to outshine the movie it precedes.

Werner Herzog’s The Bad Lieutenant is ‘fearless’ and ‘unhinged’.

Tickets have officially sold out for Ultra Culture Cinema, but a small number may be released tomorrow morning. We’ll keep you informed.