Ultra Culture Cinema: Trash Humpers

Friday May 7th 2010

On Thursday 10th June, Ultra Culture Cinema returning to the ICA for our difficult second preview. We showed Harmony Korine’s long-awaited fourth film Trash Humpers and managed to get at least 150 people there despite the fact that it’s one of the most demented movies ever made. We had a special guest too:

We had all the usual festivities planned: there were new rules, drawing activities and homemade artwork; but this time we had a few extra surprises up our proverbial sleeve.

After a brief (but nonetheless rambly) introduction for the uninitiated, we gave away an avalanche of awesome goodies, from Harmony Korine’s beautiful Collected Fanzines book, to copies of his movies, to an old VHS copy of Mel Gibson’s Ransom.

Three volunteers were selected to compete for our special prize pack (worth over £100, currency fans) at which point we were joined by a surprise judge:

It’s only Harmony motherfucking Korine via motherfucking Skype link! (We asked where he got the baby. Apparently his wife ‘just popped it out’.) Each volunteer was asked to do their best Trash Humper laugh, after which Harmony picked the best (‘none of them are very good’). A man in a stripy shirt called Owen won, which was well deserved as he’d already had to take over hosting duties for 30 seconds while I ran out to get bin bags.

Harmony went on to give a very insightful introduction to the film, explaining how he was inspired to make the film by his neighbour’s collection of 150 copies of On Golden Pond, how he used to live near a ‘warehouse for the elderly’ and how he’s starting a petition to make the film mandatory viewing in elementary schools across the US. We finished with the obvious question:

What are you doing for the rest of the day?
I’m just gonna jerk it.

Soon the lights were dimmed and the film was ready to begin. But first, a short introductory film starring beloved Cindies Stories host Charlie Lyons (whose name provoked cheering from a significant portion of the crowd.) Here’s the full video:

Trash Humpers was then shown, and was enjoyed by almost everyone (there were only 5 walkouts – a very good figure for the movie in question). On a personal note, it was my third viewing of the film and I couldn’t believe how quickly it flew by. It really does have to be seen to be believed.

All in all, I think it was a great night. This will be hard to beat.

Thanks to…

… for providing prizes for the night, and thanks to David Cox, Tej Jouhal, Charlie Lyons, Joe Bannister, Joe Pitt-Rashid, Joe Venning, Anthony Ing, Katy Dillon, James McLoughlin and Harmony Korine for helping to make the night go off ‘with a bang’.

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