5 things I’ve spotted in the Super 8 trailer

Wednesday May 12th 2010

JJ Abram’s Super 8 trailer, which we wrote about a few days ago, has finally found its way onto the internet in beautiful 1080p, courtesy of Apple. This has sent the blogosphere into overdrive, with movie sites competing to find all the ultra-exciting secrets that must be hidden within.

Like a boss, we’ve got five exclusive hidden clues for you right here:


As one of the trailer’s title cards fades from view, each word in turn becomes blurred. When the word ‘Ohio’ is blurred, a secret emerges: it bears a striking resemblence to Peter Perfect’s Turbo Terrific from Wacky Races:

Could Super 8 be a Wacky Races sequel? Or prequel?


This image, visible during one of the CGI ‘camera flickers’, clearly depicts an alien life-form smoking a spliff. The rumours were true!


During the train crash, two T-shaped poles appear to the right of the screen. Does this mean that the film is indeed set in Trinidad and Tobago, as previously reported? Or is it a reference to the Two Towers from Lord of the Rings, in which JJ Abrams played the role of Portni, the mischievous hobbit.


The driver of the pick-up truck is obviously Ryan Reynolds.
Or maybe Steve Carrell.


The instant the truck collides with the train, three explosions can already be seen underneath the vehicle, before it is torn to shreds by the force of the train.

I’ve got two words for you: controlled demolition.