Well this is convincing

Friday May 14th 2010

As if we all needed another reason to be excited about Knight & Day, the above video showed up on Youtube yesterday, uploaded by a man named Dubin123 who is totally a real person and not in any way affiliated with 20th Century Fox.

The video shows ‘leaked’ behind-the-scenes footage (the kind of leaked behind-the-scenes footage with a two-camera set-up and a constant stream of unconvincing crew-members ‘working’ in the background) from the upcoming Cruise/Diaz vehicle, in which Cameron hilariously kicks Tom over a catering table.

I suppose its inevitable when every high-profile movie is expected to have a tie-in viral campaign that you are going to end up with a considerable amount of shoddy crap. But there’s shoddy crap and then there’s shoddy crap…

  • Since when is the sound of a shoe hitting a man’s chest a metallic clank?
  • Is Cameron Diaz really moronic enough to not notice that her co-star is no longer holding a padded shield in front of his chest?
  • And would someone really leak the footage to Youtube and then put the movie’s official URL at the end?

Think of the thousands of dollars that were spent on this viral campaign and weep.