Cop Out

Wednesday May 19th 2010

Even if Cop Out isn’t strictly ‘A Kevin Smith Movie’ (it was written by TV writers Rob and Mark Cullen) you’d be forgiven for expecting the usually-reliable director to give us some sort of new take on the well-worn buddy cop genre. At the very least, you’d hope for a decent parody, cleverly subverting Bruce Willis’ long-established Action Man typecasting for comic effect.

Unfortunately, one lame Die Hard joke in the excruciating opening sequence is as self-aware as Cop Out gets. What’s worse, it doesn’t even satisfy on more basic levels: the action scenes are too simple to be exciting, the comedy barely even registers.

From what I hear, Kevin Smith has been using the Ricky Gervais defense when faced with criticism about the movie:

OK, I’ve changed my mind. Now I think it’s brilliant.