2 weeks until Ultra Culture Cinema #02

Thursday May 27th 2010

It’s been well over two weeks since we said we wouldn’t mention Ultra Culture Cinema for two weeks, so now we’re going to mention it ALL OVER YOUR FACE.

As you know, we’re doing an exclusive preview (fuck you ‘the BFI’) of Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers on June 10th at the still-top ICA. You can find all the details at ultraculture.co.uk/cinema.

We’ve got lots of amazing prizes, games and special surprises planned so it’s going to be even better than last month.

Now it’s time for you to start buying tickets.
You can get them for just £8 by calling 020 7930 3647 and saying ‘Hello, I read Ultra Culture’. Or they’re £10 online if you’re rich.

Obviously, tickets can only be purchased with Har-money or Korine-cy.