Film4 Summer Screen 2010

Wednesday June 9th 2010

Apologies non-London readers, but you’re once again in the wrong place at the wrong time. The line-up has been announced for this year’s Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House and it’s a work of bloody art.

If you’ve ever been to the Summer Screen (or if you read our write-up last year) you’ll know that it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. The film selections are inspired, the ‘atmosphere’ is unbeatable, and the organisers are every bit as pedantic about aspect ratios and sound clarity as we are.

Tickets can be booked here. They’re not megacheap but when the line-up’s this good, you’d be a fucking idiot to miss out…

►Friday 30th July
Kill Bill Vol. 1
& Enter The Dragon
Last year’s double bills were hot like hell and this year they’ve upped the ante to three nights. Kicking things off are Quentin Tarantino’s hella-amazing first Kill Bill volume, and the definitive Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon. And to think, lesser organisers would have included Kill Bill Vol. 2. Think how endless and shit that would have been.
►Saturday 31st July
Team America: World Police
& A Town Called Panic
Saturday brings the supremely audience-pleasing Team America and a preview of supposedly-amazing-but-I-do-wish-everyone-would-stop-going-on-about-it animation A Town Called Panic, which isn’t due in the UK until October.
►Sunday 1st August

Shameful admission: I haven’t seen Manhattan. But if it’s as beautiful as everybody says it is then I imagine this will be ‘quite lovely’.
►Monday 2nd August

To be honest, I can’t shake the feeling it’s been done.
►Tuesday 3rd August
Black Narcissus

It’s cool that Film4 can slip in a 1947 Powell/Pressburger classic amongst all the kung fu and vampires and still confidently pack out the 2000-seating courtyard. And it’ll give them a chance to flex their 1.33:1 muscles.

►Wednesday 4th August
Paths of Glory

Rarely screened and still as powerful as ever, Kubrick’s classic wartime drama is bound to sell out fast. Here’s hoping the audience respect the quiet moments. They better, or we may have to set up our own makeshift firing squad.

►Thursday 5th August

If they have to do a musical, they should do Nine. Everybody loves Nine.
►Friday 6th August
Mulholland Drive

Now this is what I’m excited about. Not only is Mulholland Drive one of my all-time favourite movies, but I cannot imagine a movie better suited to viewing outdoors. If it’s a chilly evening on Friday 6th, it could be the best cinematic experience ever.
► Saturday 7th August
Let the Right One In & The Lost Boys

After shamefully letting it drop down my Best of 2009 list towards the end of last year, I’m looking forward to re-evaluating LTROI. It should also provide more fuel for all those ‘WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY REMAKING THIS!?! GRRRR!!!!’ fires. Hopefully The Lost Boys will cheer people up again.
► Sunday 8th August
Master and Commander

I’ve always had an unexplainable aversion to this film, and have managed to avoid seeing it despite Film4’s insistence on showing it every hour of every day for the past six years. I hear it’s amazing though.