This week in Mumblecore: Greenberg

Tuesday June 8th 2010

I went to see Noah Baumbach’s mumblecore-goes-mainstream comedy Greenberg last week, and now that the embargo has been lifted, I can talk about it.

Basically, it’s great.

It looks to be something of a ‘gamechanger’ for Ben Stiller, who’s unrecognisably good as the fairly unlikable titular character. The plot is typically thin (but in a good way, obviously) and director Baumbach is still King of getting people to sit around and kind of talk about stuff like you know they’re just expressing themselves but they don’t you know etc. etc. etc.

Best of all, a breakthrough role has finally emerged for the Mumblequeen herself…

We like to think that we were ahead of the game on Miss Gerwig (having caught Greta-fever around the time of her second movie Hannah Takes the Stairs) but in reality Vice Magazine probably discovered her, put her on the cover and then stopped taking her calls before she’d even had a headshot done.

She’s easily the best thing in Greenberg (as with everything else she’s done) but the movie itself also stands out as a much more accessible offshoot from the slightly esoteric waters of mumblecore.

Oh how I love those waters.