A little bit of ‘Original Video Content’

Saturday June 12th 2010

I can only offer my sincerest apologies for not posting anything yesterday, and for failing to do a write-up of Ultra Culture Cinema: Trash Humpers. It went very well (thanks for asking) and although we will eventually get around to writing about it, in the meantime you can just read this very nice review courtesy of Limara Salt.

Alternatively, why not check out the above video: our first ever proper bit of video content, starring the one and only Charlie Lyons (not to be confused with Charlie Lyne). We showed it at the ICA on Thursday night and it went down ‘a treat’ so I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to submit it to BuzzFeed, e-mail it to Perez Hilton, get it trending on Twitter, etc.

And finally: COME ON ENGLAND!