Fuck me

Tuesday June 15th 2010

As if their first effort wasn’t mind-bogglingly shit enough, the Knight & Day team are back with another totally original and hilarious ‘viral’ video. This time, you’ll be amazed to see just how good Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are at football (cuz itz da wurl cup l0l) after a behind-the-scenes camera accidentally captures them having a kick about.

Because naturally the behind-the-scenes cameras are always filming crew members fiddling with lenses in their spare time, and people are always ‘grabbing extra batteries’ and ‘checking this out’.

Don’t even get me started on the ‘ball’ itself.

If I could make one suggestion for the inevitable third viral, it would be that the whole ‘virals must be shaky, out of focus and badly framed’ mantra falls down slightly when it’s supposed to have been shot by a professional behind-the-scenes cameraman.

Learn up, fuckwits.